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What to expect

Help researchers evaluate new tests to stop the spread of COVID-19!

How can people help?

In this study:

  • Participants will provide samples for two tests: a standard test and a research test.
  • Participants will be asked about their experience with the research test.

How are the COVID-19 tests done?

  • Samples may be from a swab inside the nose, or mouth, or from a finger prick of blood.
  • Tests will be conducted by, or under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Will participants get the test results?

  • Participants will receive results of a standard test usually in about one week.

What happens if a participant receives a positive test result?

  • Participants should contact their local healthcare provider.
  • If a participant does not have a healthcare provider and develops serious symptoms, they should contact a nearby emergency department.
  • The participant should isolate themselves from others for 10-14 days from the test date, if possible.
  • Researchers are required to share participants’ test results and contact the public health department.

What about a participant’s data?

  • Data helps researchers evaluate new COVID-19 tests.
  • Only researchers will see participant data.


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People wearing masks